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Compactors are invaluable to businesses. Compacting waste reduces the number and frequency of hauls. Not only does this reduce Green House Gases (GHG) resulting from additional pick ups but saves money too.

There are compactors for virtually every application. Vertical compactors are useful in small retail facilities and food facilities as well as apartment complexes where space and electrical capacity are scarce.


Stationary compactors are excellent choices for large retailers and warehouses; because only the container gets hauled, the compactor allows for custom hoppers and chutes. Chutes can even be brought through a wall; eliminating the need to go outside, saving time and increasing productivity/efficiency. Fully enclosed hoppers and drive-on decks can further increase customization.

Self-contained compactors offer excellent capacity and compaction while still allowing customized hoppers and walk-on decks as well as through-wall chutes. These are perfect for dock locations and large retailers with a large amount of liquid waste as well as medical facilities and industrial applications. These machines are designed to handle wet garbage and solid waste with liquid components without worrying about leaks until it reaches the landfill.

If a compactor doesn't quite fit your application, we can customize it to fit your needs.


Balers also come in a variety of styles to accomplish various goals. All of them require a pallet jack or similar equipment to move bales and baling wire to tie them off.

Most users will go to a 60 inch vertical baler due to low cost and space requirements. These are perfect for users with limited space. They can bale 500 to 1500 pound bales (depends on materials and user sizing) and are most popular for baling cardboard (OCC, corrugated). Sales of baled material can help offset operating costs.

Large production facilities and Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) will gravitate towards large horizontal balers. These have a much higher capacity and can be fed by conveyors. Adding an auto-tier nearly fully automates the process greatly increasing capacity and productivity.



Get what you need, not what we have to sell. Shredders come in many different forms and sizes and there are professional shredding contractors who can help you manage shredding.

Definite safety issues – primarily for paper

Must be paired with baler that handles your type of material – most likely horizontal baler with sealed chamber - small start up as little as 48 inch. Also will want dust collection system.



Once past basic configurations, “must have” item to process paper move product from machine to machine.


Single Stream/Specialty Equipment

All of the above unified into systems that not only handle the product, but also allows for various sorting systems such as screening, magnetic sorters, manual sort, optical sort. We can also help choose from back scraping drums, conveyor belt timers and/or counters, fluffers, hoggers, air systems, dust collectors and water misters. Our company, Revolution Systems, has an integrated solution that will meet your current recycling needs and adapt as you grow.

Single Streams


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