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Your Recycling Systems Solutions Provider

Sometimes we think that Waste Handling is someone else's problem. We then realize that we produce millions of tons of garbage every year. That is why Ultimate Specialties says:

Everyone has a Responsibility

Ultimate Specialties located in Colorado is a recycling and waste equipment service provider. Whether you need trash compactors, single stream
systems, balers, document shredding equipment, unique recycling and waste handling options –  

Ultimate has your solution.



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We can help design systems and do first class repair and maintenance for all the following and more.

Services Offered

  • Engineering, Fabrication and Design services
  • Leasing and Refurbishing
  • Diagnostic and Repair services
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Installation and Acquisition Services
  • Evaluation and Process Enhancement Services



Phone: 303.408.5312 | Fax: 303.940.1330