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Design & Fabrication Solutions

If you can dream it; we can design and build it.

The recycling industry is undergoing major changes and once we have had the opportunity to evaluate your waste stream, we can then help you to design critical options that answer questions like:

  • Should you/ can you upgrade?
  • What do I get if I upgrade?
  • How much capacity do you really have? ā€“ How much can you handle?
  • Iā€™m too small for a single stream system
  • Lift gate extensions and modifications
  • Governmental and landfill ā€“ new site design and construction

If you provide mobile services we can also modify and repair your equipment with items such as work tables, special latches, lift gates - generally speaking, if you can dream it, we will design and build it for you.

We also work with landfills to set up design and construction options.

Ultimate Specialties can design, fabricate and customize equipment to accommodate your needs. We will gladly modify your trucks, conveyors, compactors or nearly anything else that needs custom attention. Ultimate will gladly give you a Proposal for your next improvement.


Two conveyors customized (the two white ones) to accommodate newly installed shredder.

Custom Design - Customized conveyor for paper line

Customized Hopper

Hopper and chute were field engineered and fabricated to customer's specifications. Numerous applications can be modified on-site saving costly transportation dollars and reducing Green House Gases.

Custom Design - Hopper and chute field engineered to accomadte operational needs.

Customized Hopper and Conveyor

Installing customized conveyor and new hopper leads to increased baling capacity of paper line.

Custom Design - Customized conveyor and custom fabrication hopper to upgrade paper line.

Custom Designed and Fabricated Field Solutions

Custom fabricated work and storage space Custom designed work and storage space


Refurbish - Ultimate Refurbished Vertical Baler

Ultimate Specialties can refurbish your broke-in equipment to revive its productivity. Or we can refurbish a used machine for you; generally at 60% of the cost of a new one. Ultimate's standards dictates we refurbish or replace all cylinders, replace hoses and replace control panel. We also address the chamber lining and platen to insure proper tolerance. All safety switches are thoroughly tested and replaced if there is any question of reliability.


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We can help design systems and do first class repair and maintenance for all the following and more.

Services Offered

  • Engineering, Fabrication and Design services
  • Leasing and Refurbishing
  • Diagnostic and Repair services
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Installation and Acquisition Services
  • Evaluation and Process Enhancement Services



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