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About US

Whether you need installation, service, maintenance or anything in between;
Ultimate Specialties is your recycling systems solution provider.

Our President, Dan Alsop is a pioneer in recycling with more than two decades of hands-on experience with some of the largest independent recyclers in the nation. Dan has been instrumental in developing national recycling standards.

Ultimate Specialties Policy Statement

Ultimate Specialties is dedicated to the promotion and development of economically and environmentally sustainable recycling programs and systems. We actively develop systems and support and practice the reduction of the volume and toxicity of materials used in manufacturing and production which is often referred to as source reduction.

Recycling is broadly defined to include source reduction, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and de-manufacturing. This policy statement also supports a hierarchy of integrated waste management strategies that places source reduction and reuse above all other strategies, followed by recycling and disposal.

We feel that everyone should be proactively engaged in issues surrounding the volume and toxicity of materials in the waste stream, their potential impacts on the environment if not managed properly, their demand on limited disposal capacity in the region, and the cost to residents, local governments and small to medium sized businesses for proper management of these products. Everyone has a responsibility.

We see recycling as a powerful source of economically sound initiatives and an invaluable source of raw materials for production into the future. Recycling is a strategic mining resource for basic production materials.

This policy statement also reflects the opportunity that Ultimate Specialties sees for creating new businesses and jobs in the reuse and recycling industry by promoting the development of a system to efficiently and effectively reuse and recycle all kinds of materials.

Ultimate Specialties is your professional source for engineering, construction, refurbishment and improvement of effective and efficient recycling systems.

Ultimate is your recycling systems solutions provider.

About Us


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We can help design systems and do first class repair and maintenance for all the following and more.

Services Offered

  • Engineering, Fabrication and Design services
  • Leasing and Refurbishing
  • Diagnostic and Repair services
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Installation and Acquisition Services
  • Evaluation and Process Enhancement Services

Ultimate Specialties Focus

At Ultimate Specialties we strive to provide the best service in the industry. We provide systems that allow our customers to run efficient operations while avoiding damaging downtime. Our professional technicians will not only cater to your needs, but are sensitive to OSHA requirements as well.

Our expertise includes maintenance, capital equipment optimization, customer service and production.

Our management team has many decades of experience in international business and manufacturing.

Our technical staff represents journeymen mechanics with expertise in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.

We include in our key decision makers years of experience in the public sector as well as the private.



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